“Where can I Propose at Disney World?” It all depends on what your partner loves, as some desire a private proposal with grand fireworks in the background to in front of Cinderella’s Castle. It will vary but here are 10 ideas to jumpstart your proposal!

  1. Disney Fireworks Cruise  

This option is one of my favorites due to the fact you’re not dealing with any crowds.  With this option, the only people you’re dealing with is me and the driver.  To book this cruise just click on the Disney Fireworks Cruise and call the number on the page to make a reservation.  When booking the fireworks cruise make sure to mention that you’re proposing and who knows the reservations person can pull off some strings to make sure your proposal is special!  Once booked you’re all set!  We usually arrive early to the marina and meet up with the driver to let them know that you’re proposing.  Once the driver is briefed, we will both greet you and mention that I will be your photo pass photographer.  This cover is absolutely perfect due to the fact your partner is used to photo pass photographers throughout the park!  The cruise will last about an hour and 15 minutes on average where they will give you a tour.  I will be taking photos here and there to ensure I’m involved without suspicion.  When it comes to the fireworks, I’ll give you the signal to propose and you’re finally happily ever after!  You can see a couple of blogs showcasing previous Fireworks Cruise Proposals here!

Sample Fireworks Cruise Proposal

Sample Fireworks Cruise Proposal 2 

2. In Front of Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella’s Castle has always been an icon for many future brides.  This is our second-best option if your partner loves Disney!  The only cons to this, are the many eyes on you and the timing of the proposal.  We always recommend you to propose in the morning right after rope drop so we can get a clean shot of you in front of the castle without a show and a bunch of people in your way!  If early morning is not an option then in between shows is your best bet.  As for pointing out the photographer, instructions will be provided to you on how to recognize them so you know your moment will be captured!

Down below are some beautiful Castle proposals we have done this past year!

3. Side of Cinderella’s Castle

This option is best suited for partners who don’t like to draw attention to themselves but still want to be treated like a princess for a day.  Instead of proposing in front of the castle there’s two sides of the castle we recommend you propose.  You can either propose where Cinderella’s Wishing Well is or you can propose on the other side on a long path that leads towards Fantasyland.  We recommend the Fantasyland path due to an unobscured view of the castle.  The Well side is kind of blocked by some trees but still makes for a beautiful backdrop.  As for getting there, it’s pretty easy by entering the circle or the hub as cast members and frequent visitors would call it.  From there you’re going to cross the Liberty Square bridge and then immediately turn to your right along the path.  From there you’ll see the spot and do the deed!  Down below again are a few examples of what your proposal could look like in this location!

4. West Side Plaza or East Side Plaza

If you are overwhelmed with just getting to the location but still want Cinderella’s Castle in the background, the westside or eastside plaza is perfect for your proposal.  You’ll just walk up Main Street Once you walk up the street passing by Casey’s (Hot Dog Shop) and the ice cream shop.  You’ll see the plazas on your left and your right.  Whatever you pick we can capture your proposal without anyone around you with Cinderella’s Castle in the background.  From there you pop out the question and you’ll be on your merry way with your fiance!

5. Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek

This next option is for those who are animal lovers but still want the Disney vibe and feel.  This spot is not just private but also doesn’t have an insane amount of traffic going through the area.  That means a clean shot without people is easy to capture!  This spot was featured on Disney Weddings a couple of years ago and was a hit for the many animal lovers!  Down below is what that proposal spot looks like! 

6. Epcot Italy and France

For these spots, it all depends on what your partner likes as a dream backdrop and what theme park they love the most.  If Epcot is in play then we recommend the World Showcase.  Out of the many countries that have beautiful backdrops, we think France and Italy offer picturesque photos that you and your partner will remember forever.  Italy’s spot is just next to the wine shop that showcases the beautiful Italian architecture.  France’s backdrop will be a glimpse of Paris and the Eiffel Tower in the background.  Down below are what those proposals can look like!

7. Any Disney Resort that defines you and your partner’s personality.

This option will vary on your you and your partner’s tastes.  Once you pick a resort we can help you plan a specific spot at the proposal that is memorable and picturesque.  A personal favorite of ours is at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside where you can take a personal carriage ride that leads you to a gazebo.  Another favorite is Disney’s Yacht Club at their gazebo in the courtyard or the lighthouse that has a beautiful view of the Boardwalk.  Another favorite of ours is at the Boardwalk’s gazebo that faces the Swan and Dolphin.  This spot at sunset is just drop-dead gorgeous at golden hour.  You can see examples down below if you’re interested in what these proposals can look like!

8. Disney Springs

Sometimes when you propose with a huge family, just the logistics and ensuring everyone will be there is a huge challenge.  That’s where this spot can come in handy.  The reason why is this is one of our easiest spots to get to.  Once you park in the open parking lot, you’ll get on the sidewalk and the spot is just right there.  We love this spot due to the fact that you have a beautiful view of Disney Springs without the crazy crowds around you.  You can also hide the family easily and when you propose they can surprise your other half!  Let’s say it’s not our first rodeo to ensure that these kinds of proposals go off without a hitch!  Down below is what those proposals can look like!

Disney Springs Proposal Blog 

9. Belle’s Well in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom

For those who love truly love Beauty and the Beast, this is definitely the spot to propose.  This location is located at the queue line of the ride of Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Once you enter the queue the well is just right there!  From there, we can take photos around the park and be on your merry way!  Down below is an example of what that proposal can look like!

10. Private Fireworks Viewing after Cinderella’s Royal Table Dinner

This option is for those who desire a grand dinner, a beautiful private viewing during the fireworks show, and a dessert party to end the night with a bang.  If you want to make this possible, you’re going to have to make two reservations one of yourself and your partner.  The other one would be for the photographer.  The reservation for dinner is vital for them to access the private fireworks viewing area.  If you forget that option then access would be denied by cast members so this is VITAL!  Once your delicious dinner is complete, you’ll head to the West Plaza area where you’ll have a private viewing area along with other restaurant patrons.  This spot is not as crowded as if you were out in the general public and ensures a clean shot without anyone in your photos.  The best area for the proposal will be at the exit gates of the area that doesn’t have an obstructed view of the castle.  Once it comes to the fireworks, the photographer will be behind you.  The photographer would give you the signal and you’ll have your happily ever after.  From there you’re going to enjoy a sweet delight to end your night!