I can’t believe its already 2020. To this date, I have done over 700 proposals and I can’t wait to do many more. But to top off last night’s proposal, Ross contacted me about 3 weeks ago and wanted to propose to Nicolette on the fireworks cruise. Being that they both worked in the event industry and both are planners, he was super nervous on how to pull it off. Luckily for him, he contacted the right guy for the job.  To this day using the photo pass cover has always worked and yes it did work on her being that she’s very detailed and observant as she was! When it came to the day of the proposal, I arrived early and met up with the driver and from there we had everything set up ready to go! The couple would soon arrive and we would set sail to the NYE fireworks over the bay. Being that this was a special day in itself, that meant the fireworks would be extra special. What that meant was the fireworks would fill the whole sky making the proposal itself just perfect for the moment. When it came to the clock striking midnight, Ross pulled the ring out and asked the big question. Let’s say she said yes! Anyways congrats to the lovely couple, they truly deserve each other for sure! 

Orlando Proposal Photographer