What’s the difference between Capture Your Moment with Disney’s Photopass versus having a professional photographer like you?

Well that’s a loaded question, it all depends on what your needs are and if you are budget constrained. For a simple answer, if you’re looking for a more personalized experience with guaranteed high-quality photos then go with us. But if you’re on a budget then go with Disney. I’m a former photopass photographer who has worked with Disney before. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to the photographers you’ll get.

I’ll elaborate with Disney on their cheaper option to break it down for you. While some Photopass photographers are awesome at their job at creating experiences for the many guests that come into the park it will be a mixed bag. As some are just there to point the camera and give you just ok pictures. Keep in mind they are there just to take your photos for 20 or so minutes and bam you’re done. A lot of the photos are also done with direct flash meaning you will get flashy photos with skin tones that look off compared to professional photographers. See the example below!

However, there are pros to picking photo pass as photo delivery is pretty much instant. Note: Photopass is not included in new Annual Passes so you will have to purchase them. Another positive note on Photopass is that they will have knowledge and access to most places in the park. Of course, the last positive note is the price of the session is it’s pretty cheap for many people who desire a fast and affordable photo option.

Now here are our reasons for going with a professional photographer.  From the beginning of the booking process we already know who you are as a couple. You have an allotted time with us which is usually an hour. We specialize specifically with couples and make them feel like they are the kings and queens they are. Every couple we photograph, we aim to make sure they will love their photos every time they open up their gallery. Your session is a personalized experience that is suited for you and we will always aim to achieve that. When it comes to posing, we always aim to do the poses that are fit for your Save the Date invitations. Your photographer will be an expert in their field with countless of couples under their belt.  Anyways for examples of what a professional session would look like, check the photos below!

I hope we cleared the air as this is a common question we get!  Anyways we hope to see you real soon!

Capture Your Moment with Disney’s Photopass