Do you need an Engagement Session? If so why? We are not models either?!

This is a question I get a lot.  The short answer to this question is “No you don’t need one.”  However one of the advantages of having one is to get a feel for your photographer and to be comfortable with him/her.  If you decide to have one then you can choose the location!  If you do not know a location when we can recommend two to three locations that are great for your engagement pictures which you will cherish for a lifetime!  However if you don’t opt for one, you can use that for a later date or even after your wedding!  Just let us know! Besides the engagement session is included free with all of our packages!  Also as for the model question, everyone on our website are real people, real couples.  We will guide you visually and have fun while at it!  We love to create real emotions!  There’s no worries with us!

Do you make albums and if so what is and what kind, is included in the package?

We are currently working on teaming up with KISS albums to deliver High Professional Quality albums.  These high quality albums are the top of the industry and have a nice refined finish that cheap album makers do not provide.  I highly recommend if you want a high quality album it is worth the price to purchase one.  Starting out the business 2 years ago we just recommended customers to go on shutterfly or blurp to make those albums but with the ever changing demand of albums we decided to try to offer High Professional Quality albums for those who want to purchase it.  Albums start at $600 depending on what kind of finish you want.

We do offer basic albums but they are consumer grade quality which are not as grand as the KISS albums.  They are included in the Large Wedding Package.

As of now we have a partnership with KISS Albums and we are glad to provide them to you!  Again albums start at $600 to $1200 for the Professional Grade Albums depending on the finish and feel you want.

People ask us why so high?  The albums that we get from these vendors use the highest grade quality products so we want to extend that to you as an option.  It is up to you on what you decide!

How many hours do I need of Wedding Coverage?

It depends wedding by wedding but generally weddings in average last 6-8 hours.  However we have shot weddings that only required 2 hours of coverage.  It all depends on how much you want to us to document and cherish forever.  If your wedding is a traditional one, it would take you around an hour or two to get ready without the first look.

What is the first look?  The first look is when a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony!  Which this can show an emotion between you two which no one else can capture!

A ceremony in average (depending on religion) will last around a 1/2 hour to an hour.  After that then family posed pictures will take place then onto the reception. Events that will occur during the reception will be the first dance, mother and son, and father and daughter and so on.  So keep those events in mind.

Also when deciding the coverage keep in mind if you have an exit such as a sparkler or rice exit, then full coverage is highly recommended.

Do you work alone or you have a second shooter? What about a Deposit

I work with another photographer who has her own business and she shoots with me while I do the same for her.  Her name is Diana Lam and she  is currently my business partner.  She has the same style of photography I do which both of us  have a modern dreamy flair to our pictures.  Having two photographers means full 100% coverage of the event.

One photographer will be with one person and the other will be your significant other! We always will make you feel comfortable!

Also having two photographers can mean while one photographer is doing one task, the other can capture many things that one photographer can’t capture all at once.  Such as the first toast, while one photographer is capturing the toast, the other photographer can capture the candid shots of the audience.

All of my packages include two photographers.  However I do have backup photographers if one of us have an emergency.  I have screened all of them and made sure they have the style I require for my weddings.  So rest assured you are safe!

As for a deposit we do charge 40% of the package upfront to book your date.  This is the industry standard when it comes to booking the date.  It protects not just you but also the photographer because there are other brides that get married on your day also but we end up turning them away because you reserved that date!  We also can work out payment plans if you are not able to come up with the money!  We do accept credit cards and also accept Check!  Contact Us for more details!