As you know probably know Disney World got approved by the State of Florida on July 11th!  Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are slated to reopen that day!  Meanwhile, Hollywood Studios and Epcot will be reopening on July 15th.  However, with these reopening dates keep in mind that it will not be business as usual.  Disney will enforce social distancing, masks, and temperature checks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  I will attach the link of the official blog post down below of what Disney has in store, operations wise.

Link to Disney Plans


As for our take with engagement and proposals, we will abide by Disney rules on masks and face coverings.  Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to the rules as it is for the safety of the public.  Disney is indeed private property and they make the rules.  If masks are not a look you want in your proposal/engagement photos we can find you an alternate date until this restriction is removed or an alternate location that meets your aesthetic.  As for Disney resorts, we are still gathering more information on what operations they are doing.  As it gets closer to the opening date, we will update you at this post with what they are planning to do!

Like we said in the last post the coronavirus (COVID-19) has really upended our way of life but as humans, we remain resilient and adapt to the situation in hand.  Together we will get through this!  If you have any questions, please let us know and we can try to answer them the best we can!  To all of our couples that trust us with your day, we ARE TRULY GRATEFUL!

Disney World is reopening soon Disney World is reopening soon Disney World is reopening soon

Disney World is reopening in July

Disney World is reopening in July